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I've recovered from my marathon. Felipe Calderon won the recount, but AMLO normally takes it all to the court. There is a massive protest getting ready to happen in Mexico City tomorrow (Saturday, July 8). It will be interesting to find out what goes on now.....I recently hope there's no violence. The stereotypes of Mexico are very obsolete and that i hope how the Mexican people can maintain their cool and never get ugly over this. They're an attractive people with an abundant culture. Yes, it has an enormous amount of poverty here, but the solution to that is education and better infrastructure, not government handouts. Mexico is joining the planet as a force to become reckoned with in terms of business, and contains for so long hung its visit the Americans.

Mexican President

I love living here because I will really make a difference in lives. What I do (teaching English) matters. It's great. I am here to make a much better tomorrow for Mexico, to help it rise from the ashes of their earlier existence as a Third World country. I wish to help it to help itself, not rely or depend upon its government to create decisions because of it.

I've seen an adequate amount of what is happening within my own country with new laws being made every around 10 secs to protect us from ourselves. Mexicans are very resourceful, they're bright, and intelligence steered within the right direction could make miracles happen.

Mexican President

In north of manchester, the people are heavily dedicated to making all Mexico better. I'm standing together.

Please, when you come to visit Mexico, don't flash your money around and act obnoxious. Don't expect that it is like an extension of the United States. Come here by having an open mind and also the willingness to permit Mexico to become Mexico. And bring an English/Spanish dictionary! Be described as a good guest. Please.